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How To Become A Conscious Leader

April 4, 2017



“Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts. Always keep your body filled with light and heat. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.”

Morihei Ueshiba 



The leader is created- not born, we possess some genetic potential but some qualities need to be developed like EQ or Emotional Inteligence ( Self-awareness- Motivation- Empathy- Social skills- Self-regulation) and then they stay with us the whol life. 


To be a good leader some aspects have to be understood:


Physical Health- you have to take care of your body, making sure you are building your optimal health not decaying it.


Mental Health- supporting focus, emptying all excessive thinking and concepts that are not in service of leade's mission.


Emotional Health- to be able to navigate through daily challenges you have to harmonize your emotions and your emotions with your thoughts. Many people have a tendency to think that emotions are not important in doing business and it's classical pitfall. Our schemes of how we navigate through them have been learned in our childhood. Our mind loves those scripts and performs them without our consciousness. Not doing us a favor. 


Spiritual health- spirituality is all about our own truth and truth of our surrounding, it has a purpose to do good to everyone.  


Our Primary Potential:


Reasoning- your reasoning ability will help you to understand different processes that are within yourself and other people. To see and recognize relationships between cause and effect, good and bad, important and peripheral...etc


Vibrational Exchange- love or knowledge about yourself is a source of all our emotions and thoughts. The vibrational exchange actually presents knowledge exchange. Our ability to communicate through love and exchange our experiences is one important aspect of conscious leadership.


Spontaneous-this quality is about how easy we can reach a state of "flow" by purposely triggering it.  Little kids have an amazing ability to be in the state of flow for a long time engaging both aspects of the mind (working mind and thinking mind). More you are able to engage state of flow while using your working and thinking skills the more you are growing as a conscious leader. 

Self-realization- Between the age of 32-42 in almost all people the self-realization is kicking in. Among those instinct induced for survival and reproduction self-realisation is the strongest one. 


Ability To Trust- From all living creatures only humans possess this quality. When we trust we dedicate to ... and that brings us to harmonize on a deeper level. Trust creates a feeling of tranquility in us, and we are able to engage in activity with less resistance. 





It can be general and special, but now I am talking about leadership that's why I wanna emphasize special motivation. 


We are motivated to learn, through knowledge and situations (experimental). 


Our desire to channel our inner power and our abilities create also motivation to demonstrate that through work or connections. 


Having visions, and ideas move us deeply. 


The desire to help others, to create possibilities for other people to grow.


Creating financial abundance for us and others.


But motivation can come from a desire to experience the role of being a leader. And many so-called "negative" emotions and urges like anger, fear, greed, lust... can be considered as motivation. Certainly, they can ignite but they don't last. 


Leadership has to be a conscious process it's an art of channeling and letting go. The reasoning is necessary but it's not sufficient that's why we have to develop certain skills like intuition with the ability to improvise, it's important to learn how to detach from own stories and be an observer, to have awareness of the power, ability to control appetite to not create addictions or blockages. 


Overall we have to connecting with a feeling that leadership is a conscious process of the human growth. 







For more on this subject you can read in the book  Developing Leader-Awarness  by Zoran Gruicic my Eastern European teacher. This is my small contribution to you and illumination on this subject followed by this amazing book and my personal experience. 


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