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Why Camel Milk

February 16, 2017



My son drinks Camel Milk and Camel Kefir. 


- Camel what? 


People are usually very surprised when I say that I am using camel milk or camel kefir to supplement my son's diet.


I can tell you one thing, parents of a special needs kids or kids with any health challenge are USUALLY very unique "species", who are going beyond any limits to find a way to improve child's condition. 


Those people possess great values in them and express them day by day wrestling with unknown.

Persistence is for sure one among many. 

They research at a deeper level than parents who's kids are completely healthy which is kind of normal thing.


Painful emotions are a big trigger and push for that kind of pursuit into unknown especially when parents are left with little or no hope. 

You as a parent have a huge responsibility for your child and its health and what you are gonna chose to be his/her treatment plan. Who you are gonna believe, who you are gonna listen. 


The desire to help your child and see child healthy and happy will make you read and study every single paper ever published, treatment or solution.  


That's how I got in contact with information about benefits of camel milk in general.


I will share what research says, what I know, and my personal experience from using it.


Among very first food that we quit was regular cow's milk. In kids with autism cow's milk, causes many issues. And kids are highly addicted to it. They are addicted not only to milk but to cheese as well. 

Every bday party or special occasion where kids are present you can just by observing them, you can tell that they "love" cheese. Addiction is a real thing. Due to very addictive protein fragment derived from the digestion of the milk protein casein.

When casein brakes down in the stomach it produces the peptide, casomorphin ( an opioid) morphine-like substance. Also, it has been shown to suppress the immune system, cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to arterial plaque formation.


Before I turn back to camel's milk and its great benefits let me make clear why cheese is more dope than milk. I don't know if you ever tried to make cheese, but when I was little my grandma used to make it. When cheese is made to get 1 lbs of cheese you have to use 10lbs of milk.   

Rest is a liquid that has to be drained and left behind and you get 1lbs concentrated casein and fat. Basically, you get the very high level of opioids in it.

On the other side, it's histamine releaser which pushes allergic sensitivities and reaction. As we know, all the food that we eat in addictive manner is particularly food we are either intolerant or allergic to it.


Now when I already touched the story about protein, let me explain what kind of protein is in the camel's milk. We have two types of protein in the milk casein and whey. 

The reason, why I could use camel milk with my son, is a fact that it doesn't have A1 of beta casein that is found in the most western breeds of cows and that breaks produce casomorphine. Camel's milk contains A2 beta casein, it's the same type of casein that is found in breast milk.


Camel's milk whey protein has a significant source of protective molecules of Lactoferrin, Albumin, Immunoglobulins, Peptidoglycan and what is important doesn't have Beta Lactoglobulin the major contributor to milk allergies in human.

Now we touch allergies, this is exactly why even very sensitive people and kids tolerate camel milk very well. With all these compounds in the camel milk, reductions in allergic sensitivities are occurring, in people who drink it regularly. 


Vitamins and Minerals


Camel milk contains vitamin C, A, E, D, and B group. It has a higher amount of vitamin C and Niacin (B3) than cow's milk. 

A significant amount of iron (Fe) than cow's milk. ( Iron plays an essential role in a number of biological systems including oxygen (O2)  because it's part of hemoglobin transport and storage. It has a critical role in DNA replication and repair- we are talking epigenetic!) 

A significant amount of copper (Cu), and the very similar amount of calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg), sodium(Na), phosphorus(P), potassium(K) as cow milk.




We already mentioned decreasing allergic reactions, but it's known that also reduces GI inflammation and improves /increases secretion of the mucosal IgA.    


Immunological regulation is happening due to increased amount and different structure of immunoglobulins.  

The reason why I started giving it to my son, was an amazing property to regulate immune function and influence chronic bacterial, fungal and viral infections due to the high amount of lactoferrin and unique structure of immunoglobulins. They have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties and enable healing of the lining of the small intestine to takes a place.      




Fats are the hot subject in today's circles of health gurus. After being in the dark age for so long we all know that healthy fat is a great thing to consume in our diet. 

Camel milk doesn't have short chain fatty acids. It has a higher amount of medium to long chains polyunsaturated fatty acids.




"Camel milk has been utilized as a medicinal and healing food source for centuries. Has been studied for its medicinal value for over 30 years."


We had and still have amazing results by using this extraordinary food, as any supplement who is potent to interfere with your gut flora will give you some reaction. Camel milk can give you die off reaction as well. 

I remember when we started for the first time, my son had a big reaction all over his skin. It was not an allergic reaction  because we went to see our doctor and make sure what's going on. It was huge kick off of many things he had in his body. 

We back of for a while. Dealing with a body that is undermethylating and not excreting toxins properly, you wanna take it slow and low. 

I worked a little bit more on his diet, and really clean it and restarted milk again. The second time was much tolerable with many gains. 

But during the cleaning program, I was doubtful because when die-off reaction is going on all the "negative" symptoms are magnified. He was off the antifungal medication and I was fearing that yeast is just flearing up. 

A lot of mucous and yeast was visible in the stool. But when we did test it was obvious we have done a great job. Clostridia def. was in the normal range, his arabinose marker on the organic acid test was just slightly above normal range and it was skyrocketing. And the high level of arabinose on the OAT indicates presence of candida owergrowth. 


I was extremely happy and proud, it was a relief for me, we could control those bugs without using damaging medications. 

Overall his immune system was much stronger and he couldn't get sick easily during the winter time. He would feel under the weather day or two but no fever or needs for antibiotics. 

I am not talking about some miracle drink, still, even by using it you have to do your homework and cook proper diet but will definitely help your body. Also, I am not talking about a quick repair, I am talking about using it as a regular supplementation. 


From my own perspective and experience, also an opinion of many health practitioners, camel milk has many advantages over cow's milk and is something to consider.

By being less allergenic


Great source of protein, iron, vitamin C


Having a high amount of protective proteins


Having an amazing property of increasing immunoprotection in the small intestine


Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral


Ability to increases secretory IgA in the small intestine


The high amount of immunoglobulins


-more antibodies then breast milk 

-with unique structure -nanobodies that can reach far further in your immune system  


No B(beta)casomorphin production


Less oxidative stress


Camel milk also improves glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetics (because insulin in the camel milk possesses special properties that make absorption into circulation easier than insulin from other sources= it's linked to better insulin sensitivity)


Calcium in the camel milk is more absorbable than found in other kinds of milk


Camel milk has a higher amount of bioavailable GABA (GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that regulates over-stimulation in the brain. It is involved in mood, sleep, focus and Growth Hormone release)


Do we still use Camel Milk and Camel Milk Products?


Absolutely yes! Even when we travel I am bringing with me frozen bottles of camel milk. Of course, occasionally we just go for the few days without camel milk and supplements in general, but overall I can say that is something I am not lacking in my freezer on regular basis.

The best way to incorporate camel milk in your daily routine is to talk to a health practitioner, do research and decide for yourself. 




(I would like to share an amazing story how Camel Milk helped one boy.)



Interesting story about 19 years old boy who got very sick in Israel and the camel milk











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