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Feel The Fear, Transform Your Life

May 3, 2016



Fear is one of the most dominant emotion in our lives and its blocking us from truly loving ourselves and others, being free and from being happy. 

Whenever fear arises we will compromise our freedom and we will always do what the fear wants.


The only thing that will reduce and improve our awareness of our own fear is truth.


But what we feel about the truth?


Many people are not ready to accept the truth about themselves and to have clarity over their emotions. They have their own capacity for truth-which is not enough. That is happening due to many people's  fear threshold being too small. Therefore, many of them are not willing to be challenged in any way regarding their fears.  


Because of that small ability to face the fear ,people will only know a little bit of truth, too.  

With all of that, it's certain they will make very small and slow progress or nothing at all. 


Is that what you really want?



There are many external pressures on us trying to conform to the same way of living, the same belief system and sooner or later  we decide to conform. Because our fear will dictate that we do it. 


On the other side, many of people are completely unaware od what they are afraid of. Which comes to be the bigger  problem. You can't solve the problem or overcome the challenge if you are unaware of it.   


The only way of letting go of fear is feeling it. 

That is the same way of letting go of any other emotion: grief, anger, addictions...etc. And if you are not willing to feel the fear,the grief, the anger, the addiction then progress is not possible. 


You can hear a lot of things that you agree with and that  have a sense to you, but you will not progress. Let me compare this to you, with having an information about some really great gym with many amazing pieces of equipment but you never actually went there to exercise and never made a progress. You will be the same (looking) person you have been a year ago or more.   


The first step is to start being honest with yourself and admit that you don't want to know  much about yourself( which is very,very confronting for many people ). 

Once you allow feeling of not wanting to know parts of you , soon enough you will know why is that.

But don't rush and try to put WHY before feelings. Because before the thought is a feeling. We always try to engage our mind in working out before we let feelings occur. Which is like driving a car from the trunk. 


Feel why you don't want to know yourself, one of the obsticle is realization  that you have to let go of your  control.  And the best way to let go of control is to feel everything you want to control: your emotions, your aging process,your work situation,your partner, events ...etc. 

- Feel label of your control 

- Feel level of your addiction to control 

- Feel how much you want to control 

Once you have done that,  you will know WHY. It will come like A-HA moment to you and it will leave you with some relief and lightness. 


We don't like to be judged and many people have a strong inner critic , this work can appear to them as something that will feed into the critic.Which is actually fear who is telling them to not change. But truly, this work of feeling our fears doesn't have anything in common with our unhealthy day to day negative self-talk. It is the only way we can liberate ourselves  and meet  our true, beautiful nature.


Don't try to justify why-who cares, because only by experiencing the feeling itself, the code will be changed. 


Not only that we are deceiving ourselves, but we want other people to give us a comfort and proof that we are OK that way, by matching and having similar experiences. That way we don't have  to be different or change anything. 


We stuck ourselves inside of our own fear-made prison. Until we challenge boundaries of that prison and something truly changes , we allow to feel everything we are afraid off-nothing in our life will ever change. 


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