What Is Biohacking And Who Are Biohackers?



Definition by Dave Asprey:

(v) To use Systems thinking, science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your     body, your mind, and your life.

(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman. 



Biohacking is a term that many people use these days, simple means learning and knowing about your biology and making life changes to get the fastest, easiest and the most significant results impacting your whole being. 


Biohackers are people who wanna achieve progress and upgrade their biology and to become the absolute beset version of themselves.


All results and conclusions are based on experience. Biohackers don't just believe something will work or not, they try it out, test it, touch it and see if it's working. 


Many people do biohacking because conventional medicine and healing approach fail them. The rest of the people are just very passionate to explore the development of human potential, they wanna be pioneers in science to bring new ways of living more fully and longer. 


With attained experience, their main goal is to improve energy, resilience, and human performance.  


Biohacking came to me as an only logical solution in 2008 when conventional medicine gave me a very limiting picture of my son. When my son was diagnosed with ASD and I was left with very little hope, to deal with his condition on my own.

I was told to accept his condition as it is. 


At that time Autism was seen as a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

I knew how body and brain operate and believed it's something more biologically complex with a big potential to be treated. 


The only way to prove that was to gather all expertise from different medical fields and start "biohacking" his broken system. My primary goal was to eliminate all stressors from his body, support, also improve his biology and physiology and finally upgrade his system to overcome his limitations. 


After 8 years of my work in collaboration with many scientists and medical practitioners who saw Autism condition beyond mainstream definition, learning from biohackers, and people involved in any type of alternative healing as well we have reached the top of the mountain. 


His transformation came as an amazing gift that we as a family have been given. 


Success didn't come over the night, it came as a result of my extreme passion for learning about everything that could change his condition and overall having a clear vision and dedication to go forward.


How My Experience Can Help You On Your Personal Journey?


Dealing with my son's complex condition made me be involved with many aspects of well-being.


Bulletproof Coaching program came to me and put a crown on all my knowledge and gave me the ability to offer that gift to you. 


I was trained in many areas how to help people overcome their challenges to reach their goals:


-How to hack your age


-How to hack your thoughts


-How to hack your ability


-How to know then hack your patterns and behavior


-How to hack your food and dietary lifestyle 


-How to hack your brain


-How to hack your senses


-How to hack your higher self

What Is Bulletproof Coaching All About



Dave Asprey is an amazing and very successfull entrepreneur, the man who is the founder of the Bulletproof 360.ink.

He was haunted by one question: What you can do or to be more precise, what are the simple things a person can do to be better at everything?


"What emerged is the idea of becoming Bulletproof: the state of high performance where you take control of and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions." Dave Asprey

(You can find more info on the Bulletproof website)


It's such a wide field of well-being. The whole philosophy is as a word explains itself being "bulletproof" reaching a super resilient state of being.

It offers many great hacks in following domains:


-resilience/stress managing








-emotional intelligence


-breaking habits 


-meditation and emotions

-clean eating and living 

-weight management  

-upgrading your body, mind, and soul 


Through the Bulletproof coaching, you can receive many benefits from shortcuts of all the collected knowledge in those areas to attaining the deeply fulfilled life you desire.


You can learn secrets how to navigate through a different state of mind and experience difference between them. From being stressed and overwhelmed, not being able to find solution for your challenges, to the calmness, inner stillness, presence, or extensive power. 


When faced with difficulties, challenges and stressful situations that require from you to perform at your best, you can be ready and meet them with skillfulness and presence. With feeling of readiness, and power.


If you desire to bring up project that requires dedication, motivation and time you can learn how to attain grit and to find intrinsic motivation within you and be successful.


Bulletproof lifestyle values relationships and coaching can help you repair or build new meaningful and fulfilling once.  


If you need to reach excellence in your performance I have many useful approaches to help you be there.



Bulletproof Coaching Is Presence-Based Coaching 



What does that mean?


The main goal is to get clarity, to see clear. When we present some issue and talk about it from our head we see the distorted picture, we are not seeing the truth.


Only when we shift our perspective from our head to the centers of our body that bring our attention inside and allow us to attain presence, then we can feel and see clear. 


When we see through head we see through filters of our belief system, from our prejudices, attachments and our expectations.


We need a cleansing of the wisdom of our perception by dropping into the present moment. That way we are distancing from our stories, patterns, limitations...etc


Only then we are able to get in touch with creative aware intelligence as a maximally resourceful and responsive place of our whole being. 


What To Expect?

I like working with people who are ready to invest in their growth and can dedicate their time accordingly to what we agree upon and are willing to bring their life to the next level. 


Working through the science and inner work as they are interconnected and impossible to be separated, can impact your life in the best possible way. 


Some goals can be reached in one or few sessions, if you really wanna make some changes in your personal or business life, it takes dedication, and time. 

Six moths is some reasonable time that those changes can take a place. On the other side you will feel motivated, supported, energized and you will have accountability in me to walk with you to the finish line. 


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